Friday, September 5, 2008

Desicion OMG

First things first. Anyone who hates either one of these candidates shouldn't be allowed to vote. Anyone who thinks McCain is a stupid old man, or thinks Obama is an anti-American secret muslim I would call them ignorant to their face. Here are some dilemas I'm having with "Decision 08".

Sarah Palin. I liked her until the speech. I wanted to see what her views were. How she thought we could improve the country and how it's ran. I got none of that. She stood with a strong back bone, but had little substance I thought. She seemed very cynical. She tried very hard to discredit the other campaign, without adding any merit to her own. Possible smart move by McCain, possible blunder. They can no longer attack Obama with the inexperience strategy, which let's face it, is the only thing they have had on him. It was a par play. Not a shot to move ahead.
It's funny to me how each campaign looks exactly the same. Obama screamed Washington is broke we need a fresh start, and he picked someone with the age and experience of McCain, and McCain screamed Obama is inexperienced, we need people who have been there, then he picked a young fresh face who will be a first should they enter the White House. So each one of them picked a VP candidate that goes against everything they've been saying. Politic much?

I was thinking though, who cares who the VP is? These guys have been campaigning for over a year now. No one should like them more or less because of the mascott (VP) they selected. But this is the US of A. Where anyone can be swayed by clever marketing. Either way there will be a change. However these campaigns have been so vanilla, those of us who don't just vote for the donkey or the elephant can't tell what flavor either of them are. Most Americans don't care. I feel that just about anyone who is registered with either party doesn't have to hear one bit of truth to know who they are going to vote for. The two most liberal guys to run for president this year both spoke at the RNC. Joe Leiberman and Rudy Giuliani. I'm sure good ole republicans would argue against that, but that would just mean they don't do their homework. Please...if you don't beleive me folks look it up before you try to argue against the truth.

It is in many ways exciting, and many ways troubling. Because either these are two of the best candidates that we've had in a long time, or the two biggest liars. I believe they are two of the best candidates. Thier VP selection was a wash...they canceled each other out. So WHO do I vote for? Lots of prayer will come before this decision. I would suggest everyone do the same.
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- j -

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chicago Update.

What a great time!!! It was great being around family that we haven't seen for 3 years. My bro-in-law Craig and sister Tara have 5 WONDERFUL daughters (that's right 5 GIRLS!!); Kaitlyn, Kelsea, Haley, Lexie, and Izzy. They are all so different in personality but all equally as awesome! I am so proud of them! I was warned by Kaitlyn that Izzy(the baby) is sometimes leary of new people and that I shouldn't be upset if she didn't warm up to me in two days. Well I'm glad to say that when we were sitting in the van getting ready to go back to the airport Izzy was sitting in my lap saying "NO!! I go wis Bubbo!" HAHA on you Kaitlyn ;) ! Most importantly they are all so on fire for God.

It was a great time hanging and sharing with Craig and Tara. Good fellowship, good counsel, good times! It was great to just get away from routines and mix it up.

For those who don't know(I say that as if people actually read this blog: No offense to the 5 of you who do. lol), we were in Chicago to lead worship for the Spring Encounter Retreat. We went with a great team. Harry and Candace Sanchez, Michael Johnson, Michael Grant, and Ryan Hudson. We had such a great time together. I hope they all enjoyed the time together as much as I did.

Details: The team in charge of the event were TOP-NOTCH!! Simply incredible people who treated EVERYONE as if they were important(Because they are you know!). Deb and I have NEVER led worship together or separately before, so this in many ways was intimidating. I picked WAY too many songs for everyone to learn, and being me...I freaked out when everything wasn't again guys I'm sorry!lol. We removed ourselves, and God moved was a beautiful time of Worshipping our God together! The event was wonderful! God moved in such a mighty way. So I'm just going to make a list of some things I learned and some things that made an impression on me during the weekend.

*In order to be "ready", you just have to be willing! Move out of the way and remain a vessel for God's purpose! (I'll be posting a blog going more in depth about this new to me revelation)

*Michael Johnson likes coffee with his sugar! 10 packs per cup! lol

*Don't pack 12 people in a minivan if you don't have the proper air pressure!

*Murphy's Law, "Whatever can happen will happen", Needs to be renamed Ryan Hudson's Law. Then revised to say "Whatever can happen, will probably happen to Ryan Hudson"! hahahaha

*No matter how thirsty you are, do not stick your head under the faucet of a sink that has an automated soap dispenser. (Hudson's Law example B)

* It is ok to eat Giordano's pizza that has been sitting open in a hotel room for more than 15 hours.

*Debbie Denson and Candace Sanchez are MIGHTY women of God...Probably my favorite part of the weekend was watching those two minister to these women together. We're still getting praise reports from some of the women that they ministered to.

*God will use anyone who allows him to!

*A Roland JC 120 is a bad mama-jama guitar amp!

*I am married to Prophetic World Changer!

*I actually can sing in church! This was the first time since I was like 4! lol

*Michael Grant can sleep anywhere, at anytime!

*We are capable! All of us...even YOU!

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- j -

Friday, May 9, 2008

"Alter" Church

Everywhere in the "church world" there is this debate of traditional vs new methodology. The debate usually comes down to who clings to real church values. What's crazy to me is how most of the traditional folk act as if you can't have biblical sound doctrine if you have a great media package with a rocking worship band. Many of these new "culturally relevant" churches are experiencing tremendous growth, and i think that makes the "Old School" a little jealous. They act as if there is no way that people can properly "churched" or taught in such large groups. Well all it requires is adequate staffing and a strong, dedicated team.

However, there are some of the "new" churches that have been so focused on salvation, that they forgot, or didn't even think to, lay down the ground work for discipleship of these new converts. This just feeds the fire of these old school "heretic hunters". However I feel we can be culturally relevant in context, and still remain sound in content. Being a culturally relevant church, is no different than having a culturally relevant translation of the Bible. As long as it's content is pure, the context can be "altered". Altered is the key word here. The actual definition of alter is "To make different without changing into something else". That's where it's at. Be a modern church, a culturally relevant church, a radical church...BUT BE A CHURCH!

I see many "new" churches that are drawing in salvations in great numbers but never "disciple". In the end these people are coming for entertainment, and who God is and what church is for is lost. Discipleship is a must! Salvation without discipleship is about like having a baby and never feeding the baby. You just assume that if the baby hangs around long enough it will learn how to feed itself. That may happen on few occasions, but, I believe it is imperative that we, the church, construct and instruct new converts (and old converts too). If we don't, it very well may be at the expense of their lives! If you look at the powerful men in the bible, they were always teaching and imparting practical principles that were imperative for the growth to those under their leadership. Paul to Timothy, Jesus to the Disciples, Elijah to Elisha and so on.

We must reach the lost...then we must disciple them so that the people who do hang around are not spiritual runts.

With that said...I myself, am ready to alter church. My hair is crazy, and so am I. I'm inked up, and I'm geeked up for God! I don't need a suit to lead others...I refuse to think that wearing a suit gives me more clout with God...I will not be a "white-washed tomb". But I will also preach purity and love. Holiness and wholeness. I will not be watered down, or dressed up! I will absolutely be everything that my God has called me to be....I will do my part to Alter Church!

Start a Movement!

- j -

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I am such a lame blogger!!!

My wife tells me all the time about how my blogging skills, or at least my commitment to blogging, is crap! She's right. I just don't spend that much time on the internet...and when i do, it's usually buying music off iTunes, or mind numbingly surfing youtube. I don't like to blog unless I have something really profound to say,which you can tell by my 15-20 day intervals between blogs that my profoundness(?)doesn't come that often. haha

So to keep in the spirit of my lame blogging style...I'm going to take one of those of those things that make you cringe everytime you get one in your email...yeah you know! Here it goes!

26 Questions About Me

Question #1
How did you get your name?

Named after me pops!

Question #2
A memory you won't forget

Man so many!! To name dad buying me my first bass! A black Starforce...Watch out now!!

Question #3
Favorite color


Question #4
Favorite foods

Italian, a good steak, fried fish!

Question #5
Favorite drink

My wife's sweet tea, or a good lemonade

Question #6
Favorite brand of shoes

A toss up between Puma, Addidas, and Nike

Question #7
Favorite brand of clothes

Whatever I feel comfortable in.

Question #8
Favorite icecream

Gimme some good ole' Choc!

Question #9
Your best friend

Fatima Brown!

Question #10
Favorite animal

Bulldog. Any kind. Pitt, Bull Terrier, American, English.

Question #11
Future career

Worship Pastor. More of a priviledge and a calling, but I guess it would qualify as a career too.

Question #12
Favorite restaurant

Depends on the mood. i can always handly The Outback are Arby's!

Question #13
Favorite tv shows

Anything on Discovery, Dives and Diners, any crazy traveling food show, house, anything on the NFL network.

Question #14
A country you like to visit

England or Ireland

Question #15
Favorite book

Dunno if I have a favorite.

Question #16
Ever thought about being gay?

Sure I guess. I've never thought I was gay.

Question #17
Favorite cell phone company

They all suck!

Question #18
whats your personality

Man that's a toughy. It's hard to judge yourself. I would say I'm a pretty crazy, fun loving, loyal guy. I sometimes am a cynic, but try my best to stay positive. I am friendly, but don't have patience for the following types of people: Liars, backstabbers, dividers, brown nosers, egomaniacs.

Question #19
Favorite old movie

The Godfather

Question #20
Favorite old song

Baba O'Riley..That's Tough!! My answer would probably change everyday if you asked everyday.

Question #21
Lucky number(s)

Don't have any

Question #22
Latest you have ever stayed up

3 days straight

Question #23
What kind of friend are you Freind

Loyal, and honest.

Question #24
Favorite car

'64 or '65 Lincoln Continental. Black as death!

Question #25
A friend you left hanging

Probably all of them at one time or another.

Question #26
Something you'll never do

Say never! lol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get Wrecked!

It's funny...there are these two songs that have connected with my spirit like never before and I planned to post them here. The funny part is my sister did the exact same thing yesterday. Not the same songs but the same idea...great minds and all that.

The first song is "How He Loves". This song was shown to me by my wife a month or two ago, but I didn't connect with it as quickly as she did. Mostly because, being a musician first, I didn't really listen to the lyrics. However this song is one of the best written songs I have ever heard. The lyrics completely capture God for who he really is. Yesterday it came on at the afternoon prayer session at church and when the chorus hit, it completely wrecked me...I was a mass of tears being held up by a wall. There's is something so moving in knowing that you are completely and totally loved.

Jesus Culture- "How He Loves"

The second song is Holy Visitation by Eddie James. I know a lot of people have done this song, but no one, NO ONE, does it like Eddie James. If you are a worshipper(which we are all supposed to be) just the fact that you see over 40,000 going nuts for God and calling for his visitation at the same time will wreck you. This is one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard, and it demands your spirit to stand at attention!

Eddie James- "Holy Visitation"

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- j -

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great music to check out.

Here is a quick list of some music i've really been diggin lately, and would suggest you check out.

The Glorious Unseen- Tonight the Stars Speak

Listen Here

This is some of the most beautiful passionate worship I have ever heard! It may take some getting used to Ben's voice, but the songs are incredible!!

Shane & Shane- Pages

Listen Here

Most of my friends can't believe that I'm really into these guys, but I am. Their vocals are incredible, and I have become a much better guitarist just from listening to Shane Barnard.

Vineyard UK- All From You

Listen Here

This is my favorite new worship album. The album isn't really new but it's new to me. It really has some great simplistic songs on here.

I'll periodically put some bands and albums up here for everyone to check out.

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- j -

Spring Forward!

So here we are a little more than a week into spring. Spring is known for many things, but two of those things are time change "Springing Forward", and "Spring Cleaning". Here in Florida "spring cleaning" doesn't really have the same implications as it does in the snowy regions, but we use it just the same. As most of us know "spring cleaning" is when you get out and tidy up the things you weren't able to tidy up during the cold and snowy winter months. A time where you put away the clutter of the previous season. Some things we have been discussing at our church have put these two fore mentioned "Springisms"(that is so not a word) in a whole new light for me. So I thought I would share my twist on them with you.

At our church we've been declaring "Not another lap, but Another Level!". We are also going into a season of fasting. Fasting isn't usually smiled upon by us big fellas, but I am so amped about it. Applied properly, my focus, relationship, prayer, faith, and gifting will increase dramatically. Through fasting, I am putting aside the things that control my life and submitting that time fully to God and his direction for me and my family. These are the times where we do spiritual "spring cleaning". All of this clutter from seasons past needs to be moved out of the way to make room for what God has in store for this season..or this "New Level". We are all being called to "Spring Forward", to "Reach Higher". We can't realistically expect to spring forward when we haven't done any spring cleaning.

There are a lot of changes taking place, friends moving on, relationships shifting, a little uncertainty, and it feels uncomfortable at times. But in that uncertainty there is one thing that is certain. God has a plan. He is on top of every situation, and in control. In knowing that, and knowing that my steps are ordered by him, I am excited and not afraid. So get out those brooms. Let's clear the clutter, dust everything off, and get everything in order. It is time.....

....Start a Movement!

- j -